Welcome to Dean Nance
Associates LLC.


  • FARO 3D Scanning and Imaging
  • Crash Scene Forensic Mapping
  • Scene Analysis
  • Professional Photography
  • Aerial Drone Photography
  • Vehicle Damage Analysis
  • Speed Computations
  • Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR Downloads)
  • Hyundai and Kia Crash Data Retrieval
  • Heavy Truck ECM Downloads
  • Heavy Truck Benchtop ECM Downloads
  • Heavy Truck Brakes
  • Heavy and Light Truck Weight Scales
  • Berla i'Ve Forensic Acquisition of Vehicle Infotainment & Telematics
  • Forensic GPS Data Collection of Aviation, Maritime, Portable Automotive and handheld GPS devices

Dean Nance and Associates uses the latest technology when investigating accidents.  With the FARO 3D Scanner, we can quickly record vast amounts of crash data with speed and precise accuracyThe FARO 3D Scanner creates lines of sight, analyzes data from various vantage points, and scans data for accurate scene reconstruction. Utilizing this cutting-edge technology, our team strives to be an advanced and competitive group in the field of accident reconstruction. 

The data retrieved from passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, infotainment and telematics, and GPS devices allows our team to put together an accurate depiction of the crash scene. 

All the collected data will allow a recreated animated accident scene into realistic images, which acts as an aid in courtroom testimony.